I've gained new customers - how do I retain them?

Since the UK lockdown, time spent online has increased exponentially. In fact, UK daytime internet usage has more than doubled. Consumers spending more and more time online will, and has, created opportunities for some businesses, notably ecommerce businesses. The key for these businesses is retaining new customers in the short term and beyond the lockdown period.  

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective and cost effective channel for retaining new customers. There are a variety of different ways you can utilise email marketing. From weekly or monthly newsletters, to email automation and targeting lapsed customers; the power of email marketing really comes from a carefully segmented subscriber list. Segmenting subscribers allows more effective targeting and messaging, which in turn should result in major improvements in open and click through rates. 

Test, test and test again

One of the best elements of email marketing is the ability to easily A/B split test different elements. We’d particularly recommend carefully testing your subject lines and send times. 

You can have too much of a good thing

Don’t enforce your email marketing even on loyal customers. Account fatigue is a very real thing, so we’d always recommend offering guest checkouts without the need to create an account. If your product and service is exemplary, logic suggests customers will want to hear from you. 

Pay close attention to how often you are sending emails out. Even if your email marketing is proving effective, no one wants their inbox taken over by one business. How much is too much is subjective to the business and sector: once a week could be perfect for some, whereas once a month may be plenty for others.

Social media

Social media can be an easy route for new customers to discover your business. However, if you have already attracted a new customer, social media can be used to tell them more about your brand or product offering and also allows them to engage with you directly. 

Engage and be engaged 

Existing customers who engage on your social channels can become very powerful advocates of your business. Creating content which encourages engagement (particularly comments and sharing), can help sky rocket your social media reach and add authority and credibility to your brand. 

Make it easy to find you

Wherever possible try to make your social media account names or handles as obvious for your business as possible. If they are available, make your account names and handles the same across all your social channels. 

On order confirmations and any automated emails, be sure to include links to your social media so that new customers can easily follow you if they want to. 

Create content, add value

Content marketing is often viewed simply as part of an SEO strategy. Whilst it is undoubtedly a great potential driver of new organic traffic, it can also add value for existing customers. News and blog articles that are relevant, informative, or perhaps even humorous can be a reason for existing customers to keep returning to your site. Blogs can also be repurposed as links and content in email marketing campaigns giving them a bigger bang for your buck.

David RiceCreative Director

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