David Rice

Creative Director

Dave has been using his creative talents at Cognique since he joined as a Graphic Designer in 2009. Since becoming Creative Director in 2016, Dave has been helping steer Cognique in the right digital direction.

Dave manages every website design project that comes through Cognique from creation to completion, working collaboratively with clients to produce the website they want and need. UX is vital in the modern digital world, and every website Dave creates is built with the end user in mind.

The most satisfying thing about Dave’s job is seeing a website design gradually evolve and come to life. No two clients have exactly the same requirements, so no two website projects are ever quite the same. From the outset, Dave’s process involves extensive research, visualisation and development. The end result is a website purpose-built to meet the demands of any business, with a smooth journey from beginning to end for all website users.

When he’s not in the office, Dave spends his spare time with wife Em and their two sons, Leo and Jude. He likes to keep active, whether that’s playing football and squash, or chasing around with the boys on another outdoor adventure.

Articles written by David

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