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18Aug 15 

How to block referrer spam with Google Analytics filter

The most effective way to block ghost referrer spam from accessing your website and affecting your analytics data is to set up a custom filter directly in your Google Anaytics account. To find out if your website is affected read our blog post Is referrer spam affecting your website metrics? Set up a View in Google Analytics Before you can begin to use any of the techniques below we recommend setting up an additional view in Google Analytics. The benefit of views is that you can see the effec...

14Aug 15 

Is referrer spam affecting your website metrics?

If you are a serious business owner or marketer you probably use Google Analytics or another web analytics solution to help you to measure the results of your investment in marketing. However you may have noticed some strange changes in your metrics lately, including:A large increase in recorded traffic A reduction in your average page views per visit Decreased visit duration Higher bounce rate (visits to a single page)One possible cause could be the recent huge upsurge in referre...

27Mar 15 

Will Google show your mobile website?

From 21st April 2015 your website will not show up in Google's mobile search results unless it passes their mobile friendly test. Learn how this change to mobile website search rankings might affect you. Google have announced that from 21st April they are going to roll out an updated algorithm that will detect whether or not your website is mobile friendly. If your site is deemed to be mobile 'unfriendly' by the search giant then it will no longer appear in Google's search results on a ...

30Jan 15 

What your business needs to know about local search

If your business has a physical location, one area you definitely shouldn't ignore is local business listings in search engines. If you don’t actively manage your business profile, search engines could be showing incorrect information every time someone searches for your business. What are local search listings? Both Google and Bing (the two most used search engines in the UK) show local business listings for a variety of searches. This could happen when:Someone searches for a busines...

09Sep 14 

What does Google’s preference for secure websites mean for businesses?

Google recently announced that they will be starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal in its search algorithms. Historically Google’s algorithm has taken into account many factors to determine what is shown in its search results, including inbound links, keywords and quality of content, but this is the first time that security has been used as a factor. What are secure websites? Secure websites transfer data over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) as opposed to HTTP (Hypertext Trans...

25Feb 14 

How to exclude internal traffic from Google Analytics

Memo to all marketers: remove staff visits from your website traffic! This blog post was last updated on 11 March 2016 to include changes made to Google Analytics prior to this date. The heaviest users of a website tend to be people from within the organisation. So it makes sense to remove this group from your Google Analytics traffic otherwise your visitor figures will be artificially inflated by internal use. Your data will also be skewed by their behaviour, and have a detrimental effect o...

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